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Settling in

Coming back to real life after our sojourn on the smallholding has been more difficult than I expected. First of all some problems with technology and then problems with myself. Think it must have been a bug, as they say. … Continue reading

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Normal service

Normal service should be resumed in a day or two. Am having trouble with internet connections. Back soon.

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Jeremiah friend or foe?

One of the senior members of my last church once asked me what I thought of Jeremiah; I have to confess that I mumbled about the prophet being one of doom, gloom and misery. The other day I found myself … Continue reading

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The beginning of the ending

Family #2 come home from their hols today, so animal duties more or less finish for another year. Him behind the Wheel has done the lion’s share – I’ve been pack leader for the dogs. The littlest farm dog has … Continue reading

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Saw this on The Vernacular Curate. Just look at it for a while. Spooky, even when you know it is actually a poster. Does it move for you or not? And I wonder what it says about our natures?

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Easy New recipe

New recipe for gluten-free drop scones with duck eggs. This is inspired by yesterday’s surfeit of duck eggs. You can use a real girdle or griddle (don’t be confused by the kind you have to squeeze into.) Or a thick-based … Continue reading

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Smallholding Life

Being on a smallholding has its joys as well as its problems. For example: what to do with the rising mountain of duck eggs? (21 at the moment and rising.) Yesterday was the first day of our visit when we … Continue reading

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House Rules

Reading a new Jodi Picoult novel is a totally absorbing experience. It is often harrowing, because of the subjects she chooses; it invariably challenges the reader to think outside of the box, and you cannot wait to finish it, yet … Continue reading

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Have been enjoying a bit of a readathon these last few days. The book review comes shortly, but today I just wanted to revel in the sheer pleasure of reading. My memories of reading go back a very long way. … Continue reading

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What does your blog say?

Church Mouse had a reference to.typealyzer a few days ago. ┬áBasically, what you do is to enter a blog address and it gives an analysis of the writer, along with a pretty picture showing what parts of the brain are … Continue reading

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