The beginning of the ending

Family #2 come home from their hols today, so animal duties more or less finish for another year. Him behind the Wheel has done the lion’s share – I’ve been pack leader for the dogs. The littlest farm dog has been away boating whilst the big lab and the fluffy mixture, (both of senior years) have stayed with us; hence Misty’s crush on the big dog. I am banking on sea-sickness keeping the Jack Russell calm when she is brought back into the mix. Dogs teach us a lot about getting on together: 1) If you are in doubt about your neighbour’s mood, stalk round him or her on tall legs with a tall tail, till you know the lie of the land. 2) Be prepared to join in the fun whatever your age. Fluffy dog’s sudden burst of speed yesterday was a joy to behold.  And finally, 3) Enjoy the moment and nap whenever bored or tired.

The other significant thing this year has been the presence of last year’s Gloucester Old Spot pigs. Last year they were pushing and snorting and looking for juicy morsels of food; this year they were being made into sausages. HBTW came from a long line of butchers, so stuffing sausage skins helped him feel close to his Dad who died some 30 years ago. The sausages taste brilliant, by the way.

All in all it has been a very good break from our usual routine, and with the added bonus of being able to be useful. I’ve had to dot around at a much slower pace than the better half, but that is OK. The main thing is to enjoy the scenery, take wee trips to the beach, and gather souvenirs of beach glass to add to the collection.

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  1. Lydia says:

    YEah! I can finally access your blog again! For some reason each time I’ve clicked on the links here in the last week or so I’ve had a prompt saying it wasn’t available (or something along that line). I was about to leave a message at Friko’s blog to ask her assistance, but here you are. And a fun post it is. HBTW is so funny…that is the first time I’ve seen you abbreviate it and it delighted me! You sound like a dog psychologist, or at least one who understands dogs very well.

    Peaceful Sunday to you, Freda, and a beautiful week ahead.

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