Smallholding Life

Being on a smallholding has its joys as well as its problems. For example: what to do with the rising mountain of duck eggs? (21 at the moment and rising.) Yesterday was the first day of our visit when we didn’t have duck scrambled eggs – they are very rich and scrumptious, but we need a change.So…. onto the net to hunt for some ideas. So far these include:

  • lemon curd – uses two duck eggs per jar
  • lemon meringue pie – uses three
  • lemon drizzle cake – three
  • quiche  – three

Now the next problem, not being in my own kitchen is to find the appropriate tins and dishes. The smallholders themselves will be home at the weekend so all has to be tidied up before then and any failures hidden away. (Don’t worry, Family #2 we won’t try feeding them to the horses. Dogs….. maybe.)

This all feels a bit like being in an episode of The Good Life……. a long-ago favourite TV programme which you can still find on Sky or cable. Years ago when we were in the throes of children, chickens, dogs and a horse all of this would have been second nature. But nowadays it all takes a bit more planning. Of course things are made more challenging by Him Behind the Wheel having coeliac disease, that means everything has to be gluten free. But, Hey, what’s life without a challenge or two.

Baking is a good occupation for a rainy day, so time to get on. By the way, if anyone has any other ideas for using duck eggs, do let me know. They keep on laying!

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4 Responses to Smallholding Life

  1. Suem says:

    This sounds so idyllic! When I was a teenager, a school friend had ducks which laid eggs and they had a similar problem, so we often got gifts of duck eggs. Can’t you give them to friends, neighbours, people at church?

  2. freda says:

    Yes – it’s just that we are looking after Son#2’s menagerie while they are on hols…… It wasn’t idyllic yesterday – raining very hard all night and all day!

  3. Randall says:

    Ah The Good Life. Lauralea loved that show, and it’s started on weekly again here in Canada.

    Sounds like you are having quiet a stay.
    I was having a few troubles pulling up your blog yesterday, but all looks well today.

  4. freda says:

    Yes, Randall, it is very eventful here (2 horses, 3 dogs, 4 cats, 4 hens, 1 fierce cockerel, 12 ducks……) all in a lovely setting way out in the country. I don’t know what was wrong with the blog but as you say, it seems to be OK now. Thanks for stopping by.

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