New Year at the Hairdresser

Looking in the mirror at the hairdresser this afternoon was not an altogether happy experience. I don’t usually “do” mirrors all that much these days. The only exception is for Dance Class on a Friday Night – it seems to necessitate eye make-up and a bit of lipstick. Anyway, it helps to set the mood.

Back to the unkind mirror at the hairdresser’s shop. First of all the light is too bright – in other words there is nowhere to hide. And secondly there is no way to avoid staring at one’s visage. Who is that poor old soul with the bags under her eyes and the creases leading on from the downward turning lips? Oh no – it’s me! So then comes a grimace – not much better, followed by a tentative smile – the eyes crinkle up but the humour is evident. Then, a laugh as I realise the woman opposite me (behind me but looking in her mirror) is doing exactly the same thing.

Safely home now and no more brightly lit mirrors. At least until tomorrow. It’s Dance Class and we are having our New Year party. Out with the mascara and lippy then . . . . .

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2 Responses to New Year at the Hairdresser

  1. Tabor says:

    I hate our youth obsessed culture!

  2. Sounds too familiar. I had my hair cut today…a wash and wear style. I always think he should give me a discount as there is less hair to cut these days.

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