The birthday itself has now come and gone – the secret now is to enjoy the rest of March and to that end I am already planning one or two treats. HBTW gave me a Kindle, which I am already enjoying. It is set to be a hit for holidays and campervanning – less bulk to carry as long as I make plans to fill up on free classics from the free-store, and one or two favourite authors, courtesy of amazon vouchers.

Much of the week has been spent spluttering at the budget. I cannot understand how it is permissable to take from the poor and elderly to give to the rich. (A kind of reverse Robin Hood ethic.) And I think I should stop there before I disgrace myself with a proper old rant. Let’s just say that I am disappointed in the Government of the UK.

In contrast, I watched a couple of documentaries of sporting challenges by David Walliams (swimming the Thames) and John Bishop (Triathlon challenge from Paris to London.) It helped to make me feel better about being British; people in this country are being very generous in their charity giving despite all the cuts and restrictions.

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  1. Mina says:

    Headline in the Scotsman on Thursday said it all ——— Rob the aged to fund the waged! Very disappointed in the government too and at the rhetoric afterwards.

  2. friko says:

    Rant all you like, you’ll find an echo from me, a loud and clear one.
    Still, the question remains: why won earth would we expect differently from a Tory government? They are not ‘nice’, no matter how hard they try to pretend. You could always try to change Dave’s mind by paying him a hefty sum to have dinner with him?

    Glad you had a special birthday treat, at least roaming the beautiful countryside is still free, although petrol prices will soon make that a luxury too.

  3. Graham says:

    I have never got my head around the fact that because of your age you can get rewarded with extra tax free allowances,surely the need for extra allowances is when you’re young and have a family to bring up.
    Any way not wishing to cause a rammy wilth the oldies I will agree it was very sneaky the way it was done, but there you go.
    After all “We’re all in it together” aren’t we?

  4. Dianne says:

    Missed your last couple of posts. Sputter away, but it does no good. The government will argue that our health care costs drive the budget and we are ‘takers’ when it comes to taxes.

    Meanwhile, enjoy your new Kindle. As you read those classics, remember things have been worse in the past when there were no social programs.

    I love my Kindle. I just renewed my subscription to The Economist (on Kindle) so I can keep up with the UK news. Dianne

  5. Be sure to check the Kindle Daily Deal — I forget some days and it always turns out to be the day I would have likes that book for 99p… And there are all those free Project Gutenberg books — if you can put up with all the errors.

    That pensioner grab in the Budget was particularly odd and unfair. It only affects pensioners — and yet to be pensioners — earning between about £12,000 and £26,000. Nevertheless, I think the grab on child benefit is worse. It was a clumsy, inept budget.

  6. Sheila says:

    You will love it! I have a nook and never without a book.

  7. freda says:

    Just a thought Graham, as far as I am aware the extra tax concessions for pensioners was to bring about parity after many years of the state pension lagging behind rising costs. It’s frightening for many people living on fixed incomes as cuts bite and prices rise. I know that is the same for some young families, I just wish things were fairer for all.

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