Kindle Update

 The Kindle is proving to be a great friend. In only a few short weeks I have got to the stage where I actually prefer it to reading a heavy book. The only exception is when the book is one with lots of illustrations, or pictures in colour – that just doesn’t work. The Kindle’s advantages are made all the better by having a battery that seems to last for weeks. (Of course that depends how much time one has available for reading.)

This week, HBTW bought me a psychedelic cushioned cover/pocket. It is to make me feel more comfortable with Kindle-on-the-go, the last thing I want to do is to crack the screen now that I am a convert. Talking of converts, I have even downloaded the Good News Bible. Instead of trailing a bag of books away on holiday, it is going to mean a fully charged Kindle. Amazing what modern technology offers.


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6 Responses to Kindle Update

  1. Dianne says:

    Kindle is amazing. I just bought Janet Evanovich’s ‘Wicked Anticipation’ for my birthday. Not exactly the Good News Bible but it entertains. Dianne

  2. Lyn says:

    I agree. My Kindle goes everywhere I go, in case I have a wait at the doctor’s office or the license renewal office or …. wherever! I love it. And you’re right about the illustrations. If there are many or they are important, the paper book is better. Read on!!

  3. I get separation anxiety if I accidentally leave my Kindle at home. It is the best Christmas present (got mine Xmas 2010) I ever had.

    When they work out a way to shuffle through pages the technology will be complete.

  4. friko says:

    yes, well, I don’t know . . . .

    I’ve given my husband one because he finds a Kindle just about still readable – books are very difficult for him now – but for myself? I still like a book at home. OK, perhaps I might borrow his when I go away on my own.
    I’ve spent the whole afternoon today reading a book, it was lovely. A real and rare treat. It was so satisfying to turn to the last page and then shut the book. Even the sound of physically shutting it and putting it down and stretching, was good; is that even possible with a Kindle?

  5. LC says:

    I bought a Kindle right before departing on a visit of several days. No time to figure everything out before I left, and I still haven’t touched it since my return two days ago. Your update and commenters are prodding me. Not tomorrow, though. A potentially exhausting day trip for youngest grandson’s birthday takes priority.

  6. Mina says:

    Having just come back from visiting our local library where I was surrounded by books of all kinds I admit I am not convinced about the Kindle. Being able to browse, dip into and generally sample whatever cover / author caught my fancy is not something I would give up easily. OK, I appreciate that the ability to take a Kindle and its supply of books away with you is easier than lugging a bag of books, but still ……. I yet have to be conviced.

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