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As I was looking out obsolete clothes for the British Heart Foundation, I realised that this was one very easy way of making a difference. We are fortunate in this area because every eight weeks or so a van driver drops off a pack enclosing a large, strong poly bag – red and white with logos all over it. The pack is left at the beginning of the week and the days of the week are shown with collection/uplift day circled. Our bag is being collected tomorrow. Extra bin sacks can be left as well and the van collects them early in the day.

You would think it gets more and more difficult to find unwanted items, but surprisingly that is not the case. The charity collects old clothes, including those designated as “rags,” books, old dishes and ornaments, cds and dvds and so forth. Today I included an old kilt which has been inspected each collection week for the past year or so, as I decide whether it can be used by someone or not. In the event it was sized for someone extremely slim – and what are the chances of that someone ever being that slim again? I have briefly considered selling it on ebay, however today I looked inside and discovered the kiltmaker’s mark. It was made in 1943. Hmmm – I hope someone has a use for it.

Other things included brand new gardening clogs I have never used and that are actually too tight; a Family Health encyclopaedia that is nearly twenty years old and a very warm lined work overshirt that has hung in the cupboard unworn for at least ten years or so. Here is hoping these things can be turned into profit for what is a very worthwhile charity.

As well as helping to tidy the cupboards and drawers I have a small sense of being involved in doing some good, and that is a lot better than being overwhelmed.

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4 Responses to Making a difference

  1. Tabor says:

    I think recycling is very important on this earth.

  2. Mina says:

    Well done – we have a clear out every few months and it is surprisinng what is found each time. Our ‘recycling’ goes to an independent Cancer Charity shop where those who help run it get to choose at the end of each month were the profit goes. It is amazing how many branches of cancer research and/or assistance groups there are. It is our little way of helping locally.

  3. Dianne says:

    I love this. Making these small efforts adds to the larger effort. Light one small candle. If we each do that the world will be a brighter place.

  4. LC says:

    Such a well thought out collection plan surely makes it easier for everyone, especially elders, to participate.

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