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The Tourist

Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie – must be a winner from the start. Add in the backdrop of Venice, with magnificent locations and wardrobe and it is difficult not to be impressed. The film is a sort of action/romcom with … Continue reading

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There is something magisterial and rather comforting about the following prayer of forgiveness. I don’t mean to stress the way it lingers on our “wretchedness” but I do love the sense of God’s love of all creation and willingness to … Continue reading

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Technology beyond belief

Buying a watch battery used to mean a trip to Timpson’s and a few minutes’ wait. Then, in later years there was the added excitement of a 1 year guarantee. Latterly, this grew into a 2 year guarantee for the … Continue reading

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The American Poet Laureate…… such a beautiful voice.

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Promise of Spring

This is typical of the views around the village at the moment. The promise of spring is in the brighter green of the mosses and the swelling at the ends of the trees. Catkins are even appearing on some of … Continue reading

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A Sweet Obscurity

This has been sitting on my “to read” shelves for some time – presumably it got there by recommendation or book review. I’m glad it did, though must admit that it is not an easy read. I got through to … Continue reading

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Topsy Turvy

It really has been one of those odd weeks. Most of Europe, including England has been having below freezing weather with freezing rain and snow. Meanwhile here in Dalamory the crocuses and snowdrops are in bloom and the birds are … Continue reading

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Technologised again

Prior to today’s little rant, I must just say that recovering from the dental treatment carries on apace though a bit slowly…… but I’m getting there. The sun has been shining today and it is amazing how that helps. The … Continue reading

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Dentist again

What I want to know is why does going to the dentist give you a pain in the shoulder? Was it being tensed up against the chair trying to get away from the multitudinous number of drills he used? Or … Continue reading

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