Promise of Spring

This is typical of the views around the village at the moment. The promise of spring is in the brighter green of the mosses and the swelling at the ends of the trees. Catkins are even appearing on some of the hazel trees.

You cannot see the birds sing, but there is more than the odd cheep – bull finches in particular, inhabit this stretch of the glen. You can imagine hobbits and goblins and nefarious creatures of fantasy films.

The worst thing is that at any moment the weather can revert to deep winter. Indeed, as I am uploading these photos sleet is streaming horizontally outside. Any walk for you-know-who will involve waterproof trousers, anoraks and boots. (For the adults!)  Misty can wear her waggles coat. This is me trying to talk myself into braving the outside world.

Happy weekend to you and yours.

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  1. Dianne says:

    Fifty degrees (F) here today and a snow forecast for tomorrow. Then we are back to fifty degrees on Tuesday. Weird weather indeed. Be careful walking on that ice. Perhaps you should glide over it like a dance floor??

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