Technologised again

Prior to today’s little rant, I must just say that recovering from the dental treatment carries on apace though a bit slowly…… but I’m getting there. The sun has been shining today and it is amazing how that helps. The answer to any question is go outside and forgo the dusting.

Back to technology. Like many people I enjoy the portable telephone system that enables the phone to be on hand no matter where I am – within reason. These systems have a base phone and radio/wifi system with up to 3 handsets. The 10yr old model was replaced before Christmas but it turned out that it was a duff sale offer which didn’t do half the things possible with more up to date models.

In short, it was replaced with a BT cordless digital set of three. At last, I thought – technology mastered by the experts. Indeed all went well for a couple of months. I was lazy about keying in numbers in the phone book, so call recognition wasn’t fully functional. Now it may just be that the phone took the huff at not being used to its full potential; sufficient to say that all of a sudden the phones either worked or did not work, speech was either heard or not heard. No combination of secrecy buttons or otherwise could put the matter right. It was not only frustrating for me, the caller, but probably left those being called upset as to who the mystery phone call was from.

It used to be that in these circumstances a handy booklet could be consulted – not nowadays. A 100 page pdf file has to be downloaded on the computer and then searched to see if there is anything indicative of the fault. Again – no luck. So I phoned the help number where I was given a Fault Reference Number, so that I can get the phones exchanged. The interesting thing is that there was no attempt on the part of the operative to try and rectify the fault. It is obviously cheaper to ditch and spend than to try and mend. Typical.

What happens if the new set doesn’t function either? Does it mean I have outgrown telephone technology?

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5 Responses to Technologised again

  1. Dianne says:

    From dentists to phones. We seem to be on the same track lately. If you say you are having back issues and seeing specialist this week I am going to freak out.

    As for phones…I had to get a new cell phone after I dropped my old phone in the toilet. I wanted the exact same model. Do you think I could get it? No way. So, now I have a phone I don’t understand and feel like throwing into the toilet. No can do, however as I can’t waste more $$. Dianne

  2. friko says:

    These new-fangled phones just don’t last like the old ones did. There’s always something wrong with ours and I am forever exchanging the sets in various rooms, so I have at least one working landline phone in the kitchen where it’s needed most.

  3. Mina says:

    Does it mean I have outgrown telephone technology? Don’t you mean telephone technology has outgrown you? It certainly has with me.

  4. cloudia says:

    you WELL critique the shortcomings of our techno moment. Here’s a tip!
    Many have had the SAME problem (ANY problem) so if you GOOGLE the problem with as much info as you can (model of phone) you might just find a clever solution from our collective wisdom!

    Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral


  5. LC says:

    “Ditch and spend.” I love that succinct description of what passes for customer service.

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