Fitness or not?

Confession time – Christmas has come early in the form of a Wii fit balance board and fitness games. Well, we had to make sure it worked so it had to come out of the box and get connected up. (It was very easy.)

I’ve only gone on it a couple of times and the news is not encouraging. The first time my Wii age was calculated at 2yrs older than I am, the next time it was 4 yrs older. And as for the weight measurements, that’s a secret. It has to be said that computer games are very sophisticated nowadays. You can ski, snowboard, walk a tightrope, head footballs (being careful to avoid other odds and ends that get thrown at you) as well as doing stepping and yoga exercises.

Still, food plays an important part over the holidays and I have the excuse of a cold to feed, so the stepping is to be gently, gently.

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4 Responses to Fitness or not?

  1. Tabor says:

    We are thinking of buying one of these or the Xbox or the other one for ourselves for entertainment during the winter and exercise…I will be interested in your further adventures. The only problem I saw with the WII was you had to use the control in your hand and some people got wrist and hand problems over time.

  2. freda says:

    Hadn’t thought of that but then I’m unlikely to be using it for more than about half an hour a day – though I’ve a sneaky Christmas present in the post of the dance-game!

  3. Now this is a thought. My dog is already protesting my abscence at the computer. Wonder how he will feel about a computer game?

  4. Erin says:

    It weighs you? Egad. I shudder to think what age it would pick for me. I still want one, though. Let us know how you fare with it. If you like it I may have to run out and buy one for myself!

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