Monthly Archives: February 2006

No time

No time for blogging – too busy doing Puppy Watch. Him Behind the Wheel has been away for a couple of days.  

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Taking Risks like St Columba

My attention was drawn to an article in the Independent on Saturday, it refers to part of a voyage taken by Nick Thorpe, when he was boat-hiking round the coast of Scotland a couple of years ago. The article coincides … Continue reading

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Owning up

Just to let you know I used the riskier sermon outline. Fewer notes and more room for stories. It seemed to be ther right choice. But one can never be sure. I am always surprised (and humbled) when people come … Continue reading

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Being liked

The interesting thing about writing sermons and leading services is that the preacher brings to each situation a whole load of hang-ups. The first thing I was taught by a wise tutor, was that in three months any congregation will … Continue reading

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The webcam has been sitting on my desk for a week. Not connected to the PC yet. As I drift bleary-eyed into a new day, I wonder why I ever thought it was a good idea. Maybe tomorrow.

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The Big Wide World

Took Misty on her first big walk from home this morning. We were following the route I used to take with Dana, the retriever. What would the new pup make of it, I thought?  Scrabbling at my legs to be … Continue reading

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Writing a sermon

I have a sermon to write for Sunday – an unusual occurrence these days. So what have I been doing? Anything except sitting at my computer and writing it. It was ever thus.

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What shall I write?

Should it be another rant about insurance companies? I have been involved in several telephone conversations again this morning about the recovery of my excess…… Should it be the second instalment of the Misty and siskin affair, whereby the bird … Continue reading

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Wildlife notes

Picture the scene…… a calm, frosty night and Misty’s last outing of the day into the garden. The Minder (me) idly watches the puppy snuffling under some plants next to the house. Suddenly, great excitement, Misty dives into the earth and … Continue reading

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Sick canary

I have discovered that I may be a sick canary. You may like to take the test too, whilst I ponder how to get fitter. Even as I write that down I can hear a voice in my head saying … Continue reading

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