Taking Risks like St Columba

My attention was drawn to an article in the Independent on Saturday, it refers to part of a voyage taken by Nick Thorpe, when he was boat-hiking round the coast of Scotland a couple of years ago. The article coincides with the publication of his book on his experiences – surprise surprise…….  And it has even made it to being Radio 4’s book of the week. Now it is all very well for me to poke fun at our little ecumenical gathering in front of Highland Arts on Seil, (looking across to Easdale island)  but I am not so sure I like it when it is done for me, and by someone making money out of it as well. Having said that, Nick does have an interesting turn of phrase, and big Donald, though totally sincere and committed to the venture, was having trouble with some of the crew – mainly because of his evangelical language I suspect. In fact, he is a likeable, sincere Christian, who loves to share his faith with others.

Anyway, I suppose I may as well give the book a plug, Adrift in Caledonia: Boat-Hitching for the Unenlightened. Published by Little, Brown on March 2nd. I guess I may even put it on my Amazon wish list, just in case! Who knows, maybe the author will see it and feel guilty for calling me “earnest”.

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