Wildlife notes

Picture the scene…… a calm, frosty night and Misty’s last outing of the day into the garden. The Minder (me) idly watches the puppy snuffling under some plants next to the house. Suddenly, great excitement, Misty dives into the earth and emerges triumphant with something limp and mouse-like, then bounds off with the Minder in hot pursuit. If you have ever tried catching an exultant hunter by torch-light in a garden that has lots of hidden corners, you will know what ensued. I managed to get close enough to identify the prey as a dead siskin. It had probably broken its neck by flying into the window. Eventually, I summoned reinforcements, Him Behind the Wheel had the bright idea of rattling a tin of doggy-chocs. Misty appeared from under the hedge minus the bird and the day (or night) was saved. First job today is an all-out siskin hunt to remove the temptation. I don’t fancy a sick puppy spewing up feathers.

It is worth reflecting that diversion tactics often work better than head on assault. And I am sure that applies to humans as well as dogs. In any case, the 12-week old terrier can already run faster than either of the humans in the house. But we do have to try to remember that we are supposed to be pack leaders as well as more intelligent than her.

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