What shall I write?

Should it be another rant about insurance companies? I have been involved in several telephone conversations again this morning about the recovery of my excess……

Should it be the second instalment of the Misty and siskin affair, whereby the bird was brought into the house for safe-keeping?  Not by human beings I hasten to add…

Should it be the story of the mail-order company who keep charging me for things that have never arrived? The fact that these “things” were knickers still makes it difficult to laugh it off.

Should it be the low water pressure meaning I could not have a shower first thing?

Should it be the email which will not open (and looks important)?

Or should it just be to say that the sunshine helps to make all these things less distressing? Think I shall stick with this one. At least it is more upbeat. A positive attitude helps us to deal with life after all.

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