Sick canary

I have discovered that I may be a sick canary. You may like to take the test too, whilst I ponder how to get fitter. Even as I write that down I can hear a voice in my head saying – Don’t spend time thinking about it – just do it. Should get easier this week as the puppy is now allowed out and about. There has been a month of keeping her clear of other dogs and public places where other dogs wander. Now the excitement of introducing her to the big wide world begins. It is amazing how we see the world in new ways through the eyes of children and pets.

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2 Responses to Sick canary

  1. Sheila says:

    I found this very funny! I have checked out Care2 and appreciate that connection. Little doggy is keeping you busy. Sounds like lots of fun.

  2. Freda says:

    Hi Sheila, lots of fun and lots of time…. but already she is very much a part of our lives. Wouldn’t like to be without her – even when she lives up to the terror part of being a terrier.

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