The Big Wide World

Took Misty on her first big walk from home this morning. We were following the route I used to take with Dana, the retriever. What would the new pup make of it, I thought?  Scrabbling at my legs to be lifted after it all got a bit too wilderness for her – that’s what.  She made better progress on the way home, and then proceeded to have a mad terrier turn once back in the house……..dashing at top speed in and out of all the rooms.

This little dog certainly fills the whole house.

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4 Responses to The Big Wide World

  1. Graham says:

    Our Border does that as well,running around the house in and out of rooms up and down the stairs then after a while Archie stops has a few pants and he’s off again..Must be a terrier thing,we have named this behaviour after the swim on new years day at South Queensferry and call it Archie’s Loony dook…
    Youll hear a voice from some part of the house “Loony dook” and you have a a few milliseconds to grab anything breakable up quick before this blur comes hoover around the room and out again,our neighbours must think we are all mad..

  2. Power to the terriers and their owners!

  3. Ellie says:

    picture the scene, while at the shops today with baby in pram, cocker spaniel and Declan the shitzu/yorkie, left the dogs tied up outside. standing waiting to be served and watch as delan terrifies a low flying rotty, then proceeds to stand behind gypsy looking in the other direction with a face that says, t’wasnt me, t’was her. Have also found out that roly mo is the double of my last dog Rosie.

  4. Freda says:

    Have had a similar experience with a Westie and Scottie of mine ganging up on a corgi/Alsatian cross. At times like that I look the other way too.

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