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An ideal picnic

A neighbour was lamenting how fast the year had gone by. Of course what he meant was that the summer was long gone. We stood round as elder-people do, commenting on the fact that time flies past more quickly with … Continue reading

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Things that are too hard

How do you cope with things that are too hard? You see I have a problem. I am a Christian . . . . . . . .   an ordained minister, so I am supposed to at least have … Continue reading

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Remembrance Day catch up

The autumn has flown past in almost indecent haste; much of the time has been spent in helping Son #3 to move house. HBTW and myself are not as spry as we used to be, but we are pleased to … Continue reading

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A Luddite

It’s been a strange old week – yet more power cuts. I’m afraid it has led to some grumpiness, more from me than HBTW.  I really am grateful for the quality of life we have in Scotland, but not having … Continue reading

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Contemplation and recovery

It turns out that the bug had not quite had its way in the Dalamory Homestead, HBTW suffered his own collapse and took to bed. This involved wearing several extra jumpers, plugging in earphones to the radio and “coorying” under … Continue reading

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The Smoke Jumper

The Smoke Jumper by Nicholas Evans is a difficult book to review, though it was a compelling read. Maybe you know what smoke jumpers are, but at the start I had no idea. The book is set in the USA … Continue reading

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War poem

It takes the ten year old in the family to get his poem published. Here, courtesy of Kieran is his poem on war. World War II W hy, oh why did this war start? O h I hate it with … Continue reading

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Every year, Remembrance Sunday comes sooner than I expect. Autumn is over and summer is long gone. Thousands of people throughout the country will gather at memorials: in villages, towns and cities. All to remember those who have given their … Continue reading

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