Autumn already

B2014 CommunitygardentreesI can hardly believe that all this time has gone past without regular posts. The summer has whizzed past and earlier illness has made the later weeks all the more precious. This post is a way of re-connecting with the online part of myself. And there are many questions in my mind about the point of blogging, especially when instant communication is here with facebook and twitter. I did register for the latter, but found the constant beeping an intrusion and too much pressure. Perhaps I will come to that later.

The Referendum about Scottish Independence has taken up a lot of my time and attention. I found myself caught up in the desire for a fairer and better way of leadership as opposed to government – something which is shared by people on both sides of the campaign.  Overwhelmingly, people in Scotland now are united in hoping for the change that has been promised by politicians based in London. So much has been happening in the world, and we are subject to instant knowledge of wars and violence in a way that previous generations did not have to face. Does it make us more involved or liable to turn off?

A blessed Autumn to you and yours.


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4 Responses to Autumn already

  1. Mina says:

    I find a little information/knowledge of the horrors in the world is sufficient. At the age we are there is not a lot if anything we can do other than worry and make ourselves upset. There are many things I do not wish to have intruding into my sitting room and the horrors of the wars is one thing, another is our UK wide politicians shouting at each other. I am all for a quiet personal life now.

  2. freda says:

    I know what you mean – the trouble is I am not so good at finding the Off button

  3. Tim says:

    Nice shot – the last month or so has gone past fairly rapidly, it seems.

    There’s a line to be drawn with involvement – on the one hand, the real information firehose is unbearable, but on the other, there’s a responsibility to know what’s going off in order to hold the right people accountable. I suggest choosing one’s sources wisely, certainly avoiding some of the big names in media.

  4. LC says:

    A thoughtful post and comments, Freda. I have been largely MIA from my blog and from visiting. I definitely want to continue blogging as it keeps me conscious about what is happening, when it happened and what caught my attention.

    The news I take in small bites and leave the commentary to others in favor of recording the non-historic events and thoughts in a personal sphere. It seems more and more difficult to get started again after breaks.

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