Technical problems

Apologies if you have been trying to take a look at this site only to find an Error message. There have been some technical problems. All seems ok now, so here goes with a little reflection on how our lives are involved with computers.

Just this week I have been speaking to several people, each with a different outlook on our technical age.

  1. Person #1 does not have an internet connection at home and relies on the local library. Whilst being fairly computer savvy this person is deeply worried about the chance of there being a meltdown in computer-land, thereby affecting banking, insurance, media and so forth.
  2. The next person is half a generation older than me and is disinclined to take the laptop out of the drawer and put it on. #2 recognises that being in touch via email has its advantages, indeed they see that there are business opportunities that are missed because of their lack of immediate online capabality.
  3. Another person in that same generation is trying to learn to have instant access via broadband whilst also learning the art of using social media.  This #3 person has not yet given up, though the threat is always there.
  4. This next one is using the computer grudgingly, aware of the pros and cons but still suspicious of the world’s dependency on something which could so easily go kaput.
  5. Lots of younger persons are flying. . . . . . . . laptop in schoolbag, mobile smartphone in pocket, multi-screen access on desktop ready for homework. . . . . . nothing will hold them back. Frightening? or Encouraging?

Bloggers like me are of all ages/generations and in the main are determined to get the most out of life, happy to share their thoughts and dreams with others . . . . . at least to a certain degree. We will usually shop, bank, learn, do business, dream and contact friends and family using a keyboard and mouse (or mobile phone.)

What an amazing world.

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4 Responses to Technical problems

  1. Tabor says:

    You really have to focus on being adaptable rather than fearful.

  2. Mina says:

    Computers have their place but will never replace personal contact – my opinion. Would rather speak to a person, receive a letter than an e-mail. They do have their place but……………

  3. LC says:

    I am behind. No smartphone. They seem not to be compatible with easy one handed usage. I use an ancient Nokia for calls only, very little texting and no photos or video. I am still in the shallows of online shopping. Hubby pays bills and conducts banking online. Hope I never have to take over those tasks but neccity will prevail.

  4. Sheila says:

    Love the technology especially being able to connect so immediately with friends and family who seem to be spreading out into the world further and further. Stay in the moment and try not to think about what if.

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