Little treats

B2014 icreate129I enjoy getting magazines through the post. Regular monthly ones come from Caravan & Camping Clubs, The National Trust, Saga, and Weight Watchers.  But I have discovered a new online source for individual copies of magazines.

iCreate should arrive tomorrow so counts as a Pre-Birthday Month treat. I am hoping it will improve my mac skills.

It is all a long cry from the days when I longed for a Tuesday each week so that my Beano comic would be delivered. . . . . . . . a magic world full of characters who got the better of the grown-ups. When I was working in the insurance industry I devoured CII Monthly – they even commissioned an article from me once. (In retrospect, it wasn’t very good.) Then of course there were the years at university, training for the Ministry – the magazine of choice then was Theology. I revelled in the articles, editorials and arguments in the Letters section.

Nowadays, much of our information comes online and I wonder how long magazines will continue to be produced. I like the idea of getting magazines on my ipad, that seems more like a magazine experience, but I have to confess that I think they are still rather overpriced.  Maybe that will change given time.


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