B2013 DavisweatherHBTW has a state of the art weather station………  (it is what comes from being a yachtie at heart.)  And this afternoon’s activity of the day has been to try and install the software. Not so easy – but thanks to a prompt email reply from the supportdesk staff we were able to get the link established between the bits and the gubbins, as it were. Now Himself can play away to his heart’s content. An ideal 70th birthday present, or so I thought, till I realised it was to be mounted on the roof of the house.

I’ve been enjoying catching up with some more blogs and am trying to learn the vagaries of the Feedly rss feed. I am assured by those who know about these things that it is perfectly simply. Hmmm……..  perhaps I have had enough detailed software -crawling for one day.

The weather has been pretty bleak and to be honest I still feel rather exhausted. It’s just as well that tomorrow is my designated Day Off.

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4 Responses to Weatherlink

  1. Good thing David does not know about this toy. He is fond of odd mechanisms, and we have too many now. Hope your hub enjoys his birthday present. Dianne

  2. Tim says:

    Ooh, shiny weather-geekish toy! We approve 🙂

  3. Mina says:

    Ashamed to say that while your HBTW fitted a smaller one than that for us, and loaded the software on to our computer, we have never bothered to access it to see what the weather has done / is going to do. Not techie minded, that’s us! Maybe when we hear how much info yours gives we might make the effort. Enjoy…….

  4. freda says:

    You will hopefully see it soon enough, Mina!

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