Enforced break

It is good to be back in blogland again. The last week or two have been an enforced rest, courtesy of power cuts, email cuts and blog-hosting problems. It is strange how unsettling it has felt, and now that all is working I don’t seem to have anything to say – except to have a little moan. In truth, the space should have given me the chance to think about my whole purpose in blogging. Unfortunately, the inability to send or receive emails has been much more problematic – the consequent stress nearly shutting out the resting benefits.

In other words, it has all been a bit of a damp squib. I’ve not even been keeping up with online news and blogs. And all of a sudden January is coming to its end; the days are lengthening and the air is somehow heavier…… a bit the way I feel with online bills and banking to see to.

Aha! I’ve worked it out; as so often happens when writing things out, the answer pops into my head. My body/mind/soul are getting ready for the annual spring-clean. That’s why the air itself feels in suspense. And it is a good enough excuse to hover on the cusp a bit longer. I’ve not seen the signs of spring like friko, but I am going to look harder.



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5 Responses to Enforced break

  1. Dianne says:

    Spring is in the air. We have bulbs popping up everywhere. A few more months of winter may be in the offing however. We will know our fate on Groundhog Day (Feb 2). Dianne

  2. I feel bereft when I can’t go online. I know how crazy that is. I’ve lived most of my life without it, but it was my single biggest worry when I moved onto the boat. Welcome back!

  3. Ray Barnes says:

    Glad you’re back Freda. Personally, I never find having nothing to say any hindrance at all. I say it anyway!
    I have no idea how cold it may be where you are, but here it is bitterly cold, with that hard, unrelenting grip I always associate with February.
    As it is February tomorrow I am expecting the worst, while hoping for the best.
    I have just picked my last two roses (frozen solid) and put them in water, but have at the same time snowdrops and hellebores in bloom – only a few but maybe a good sign.
    The problem is that when a mild spell early is followed by a prolonged cold one, much of the Spring garden is ruined.
    Oh how I love a good moan.
    Blessings, and please excuse the doldrums.

  4. friko says:

    Now it’s bitterly cold here too. Gardener was supposed to come back for a few hours, but it’s out of the question.

    Instead I’m reading and writing like a woman possessed. It feels good, just like you said. I don’t need to feel guilty for ‘wasting my time’.

  5. Liz Gibson says:

    Glad you’re back blogging. See you soon.

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