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Note the gap between the two dogs. Bertie is gradually learning that he cannot take liberties with Misty. By the time he is going home on Monday he will be acclimatised, and hopefully that means he will be well-behaved at … Continue reading

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No photographs of our visitors yet, I’ve been too busy recovering from our trip and helping Bertie to settle in. To be honest, he has not required much assistance as he is a very boisterous and confident 7-month old dachshund … Continue reading

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The run up to Christmas, the Day, is fast getting away from me. There are still presents to wrap and mail to open and paperclog to clear. So that means that the good news is that the tree is up … Continue reading

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Winter is here

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Nativity Set

Christmas is coming – the Fontanini nativity set is unpacked and has taken up residence on top of the piano. This year’s palm trees make a good backdrop. Next year, all being well, I might get a set of chickens.

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We’ve had a bad few days weatherwise, culminating in a loss of electricity for most of yesterday. Winds reached 135 mph just 30 miles away, and our double gate was mushed. HBTW has done an effective repair that should last … Continue reading

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Time for a smile

This is well worth a listen/look – thanks to Vernacular Curate for posting it.

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Sorry if you haven’t been able to get to my blog the last couple of days; there was a problem with the webhost. It has been an eventful time at Dalamory. The Dance Class on Friday was energetic for both … Continue reading

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Dianne, over at Schmidleyscribblins has been posting about Blessings. It’s a great pick-me-up. So here goes – 7 Blessings for starters, and all of them today if possible. Some blue sky Snow on the tops of the mountains nearby The … Continue reading

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