Sorry if you haven’t been able to get to my blog the last couple of days; there was a problem with the webhost.

It has been an eventful time at Dalamory. The Dance Class on Friday was energetic for both body and mind. Then I am sorry to say that winter has begun – snow included. And today I managed to spill/splash/splatter/throw a container of home-made soup all over the kitchen. Never mind, the poached egg was a good substitute. It was just as well we were being reminded about God’s comfort at church this morning.

Christmas is coming very fast, I really must get on with it. However, the undernoted Celtic Blessing is an ideal prayer to keep us grounded and comforted.

Deep peace of the running waves to you,
deep peace of the flowing air to you,
deep peace of the quiet earth to you,
deep peace of the shining starts to you,
deep peace of the shades of night to you,
moon and stars always giving light to you,
deep peace of Christ, the Son of Peace to you.

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  1. Dianne says:

    Thanks, I needed that. I must get myself retuned over the holiday. Dianne

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