If you are a regular of this blog you may have heard me mention Amontillado sherry. It is fast becoming a Christmas tradition to have a half glass in the afternoon, as dusk falls. HBTW was very happy to adopt the custom as we carried out various Christmas tasks to the background of Westminster Christmas Carols.

Memories have come rising to the surface: long ago days when our parents and grandparents either refused the evil liquor or smiled happily and said, “I don’t mind if I do.” Somehow, sherry is an old fashioned drink. It gives me an old fashioned flush as well.

So what we are doing is much more than creating a tradition, we are also thinking back to our ancestors. In my case, some of them were old soldiers of the First World War, or coal miners through the generations since around the industrial revolution about 1840. The women were nurses, weavers, homemakers and hard working mothers. The connection between us all seems more intense at this time of year. My favourite Granny, to my knowledge, never took alcohol as a social beverage, though she did have an old fashioned looking quarter bottle of brandy in the “press.” And I have seen a teaspoon being administered for medicinal purposes.

Have you any favourite Christmas or holiday traditions?

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8 Responses to Tradition

  1. Lyn says:

    Candlelight services at church on Christmas Eve.
    Eggnog (with or without spirits) while decorating the tree.

    BTW, my grandmother, like yours, didn’t touch alcohol except medicinally, and that was extremely rare. In her late years, the doctor suggested a little glass of red wine each evening to help her heart and to help her to sleep better. She didn’t like wine, but my dad bought a very sweet one and added a lot of sugar, and bless her heart, she learned to love her little 3 oz. “cocktail” in the evening! It was horribly sweet, but it worked for her!

  2. I am going to check out this sherry if it is sold here in the States. I can have the occasional glass, but David can’t so it will be all mine (Johnny will probably get to lick my finger). Meanwhile, he told me today tea and honey are becoming his new favorites.

  3. freda says:

    Tea and honey sounds good, Audrey, I’ll reserve that for after Hogmanay. And I love the sound of eggnog, though I’ve not had it before.

  4. Ray says:

    A half glass a day…….never mind Christmas……sounds like a good idea for EVERY day as dusk falls!!!

  5. Suem says:

    I love sherry generally, although I only drink it at Christmas. One of my traditions is sherry and a chocolate while listening to Carols from Kings on Christmas Eve. Very tempted by the thought of this, especially with the carols in the background.

    Could I pop round for a glass 😉

  6. RevRuth says:

    Croft Original for me, with a little icecube, during the Lessons and Carols from Kings while I decorate the tree. Of course, that was before I became a priest and had to do Crib/Christingle services then.

    It was a friend who lived with me for a few years who started me on that one. She always had one (or more) on Christmas morning to help her through the day. We once had polished off the bottle by the time lunch was served (at about 3pm) and couldn’t even find the turkey!

    My granny never touched a drop but like yours had been told by the doc to have a wee brandy at night. She kept the 1/4 bottle under the sink in case any of the neighbours saw it!

  7. freda says:

    Suem, it would be lovely to share a glass or two with you. But I’m not sure I could cope with Rev Ruth’s marathon! As to it being only at Christmas, well methinks it adds to the specialness of this time. But I still haven’t got the presents wrapped; the sherry was poured, all was ready, then the phone went and I spent the next hour and a half speaking to friends from afar. Ah well, the presents will wait for another day.

  8. Chancy says:

    Thanks for reminding me of the Amontillado sherry. I haven’t had any in a long while When hubby goes to the package store I will whisper a request to him. Just the thought of sitting in the living room, admiring our tree and sipping from a small Waterford glass we bought on a trip to Ireland, warms me my heart.

    Have a blessed Christmas.

    Janet (aka chancy)
    Atlanta Ga USA

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