It is bad enough living in a time when multi-tasking is the norm; it can be so stressful. I’m sure you know what I mean: surfing the net; checking emails; trying to think of a facebook update; listening to the radio; on a telephone call…….. But I have found something even worse. Yes – worse! Reading about multi-tasking. That was why the Cornwell novel was causing me such grief. Of course if I had been able to stay awake it might have helped. But at least I now know why the book was not one of my favourites.

There has to be a limit somewhere, to how many things can be effectively achieved. Recent reports have been lamenting the short attention span of the facebook generation, as well as blaming modern technology for people failing to make and sustain meaningful relationships. I often feel like the Anthony Newley character in Stop the World I Want to Get Off.

I saw the original production in London in 1961. Gosh Tony Newley did look young. I found this picture on an album cover.

But then I was quite young myself at the time. That has put me in a better mood. I shall just smile when I think these dark technology thoughts and remember Newley holding up his hand and shouting, Stop the world……….

I guess we all feel like that at times. But – and here is another dark thought – we don’t say it so often the nearer we get to the end of life!

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4 Responses to Multi-tasking

  1. Marcia Mayo says:

    Hi Freda, I’m writing for a couple of reasons. First, I’m no a Patricia Cornwell fan. I would like to be but I’m just not. I could never make myself particularly like Kay Scarpetta.
    The other reason is to thank you for your nice comments on my blog. I see you are a Friend of Friko too. Boy, that woman surely gets around.
    Also, my very dearest friend in Atlanta is an ordained Methodist minister, although she now works as a clinical therapist. I wrote about my friendship with her in The Yellow Chair in my blog, in case you are interested
    I’ve now got you bookmarked on my blog.
    It’s nice to meet you, new friend.
    Marcia Mayo

  2. freda says:

    Thanks, Marcia, I’ve got you bookmarked as well, and will enjoy visiting to check out how things are with you. I know what you mean about Kay Scarpetta – far too prickly by half. Will look up the post about the Yellow Chair. Happy weekend

  3. Barbara says:

    I stopped by your blog today and saw a reference to Tony Newley’s Stop the World I Want to Get Off. I saw a matinee performance of that show (with Newley) on Broadway in NYC. I guess I was a college student at the time. Some of the songs still haunt me. My sister and I were sitting in the first row behind the orchestra. We could see the dust under the risers on the stage and the signals he sent to the dancers. Nice to know someone else remembers the musical.

  4. freda says:

    Barbara, another thing I remember was how grown-up and sophisticated I felt because I understood the symbolism, (it was relatively new at the time.) And also, I was there with my father, it was his treat to take me to a meal and the theatre every few months or so. Makes me smile to think of it.

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