Techno – not

It has been one of those days – and all over technology. Well how was I supposed to know that my iphone could, at the touch of the screen, become a giant display? Of course I discovered that it only required another spaced tap to reduce the size. I had searched the net and couldn’t find anyone with the same problem. No wonder – it isn’t a problem but a stupid user.

As for the BT phone line. It seems that arbitrarily BT have disabled the phone line, though not the broadband. Honestly – I pay by monthly direct debit! Anyway, I got this information from the website. So far, so good. However, when I tried to find out when it would be restored it was a whole different matter. Firstly, I tried phoning them from a broadband phone, only to discover that they wanted to disable the broadband to check it – Duh! (Never thought I would use that kind of slang, but I feel like using a whole lot worse.) Sending an email to ask for info was not any easier, the form is definitely not user friendly. But in the end I managed to send an email off. Not even an acknowledgement in 2hrs. Pah!

And I am supposed to be a techno-savvy OAP! Still, the rant makes me feel marginally better.

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3 Responses to Techno – not

  1. Mina says:

    I still prefer to speak to a real person! All this techno-babble just confuses.

  2. freda says:

    A real person eventually got to me this morning, she apologised for the outage (12hrs) and promised a refund on the next bill. I suspect it will only be for one day’s rental, but hey, every little helps.

  3. lc says:

    The problem with technology for this non-techie is that everything is COIK, clear only if known. Everything is simple if you already know how to do it, or at least know the exact language to use for looking up “how-to.” I would not have ever gotten my blog up and started had it not been for some extremely helpful — and patient — techies at DreamHost. After repeated e-mail exchanges, they finally realized they had to spell out in detail instructions the equivalent of how to boil water! Thanks for your rant. It gave me permission for my own rant! Have a great weekend.

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