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End of January

I am having a last-day-of-January day off. It’s all to do with feeling better and trying to do too much.  And I guess tomorrow will be my proper Day Off!

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We have no Starbucks locally. So it is important to know how to make the perfect cup of mid-morning coffee. Boil the kettle and put 200mls of semi-skimmed milk in the microwave to heat up. Find the pussy-cat mug. Put … Continue reading

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Weather data

Time: 16-27 Date: Wed 27 Jan 2010 Humidity: Inside 49%  Outside 66% Temp:         Inside 19.6C  Outside 7.5 Pressure: 1010.0 Wind: 1.9knots Rain: 6.6mm (Last 24hrs)

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Internet Shopping Service

There can be an amazing difference with the online shopping experience. Recently, we decided to purchase a new weather station. Him Behind the Wheel searched for the good deals and came up with what seemed like the best and duly … Continue reading

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Low profile

It is kind of salutory that one afternoon out requires two days to rest up. Never mind, the resting up is done for now and our Discussion Course (Living the Questions) starts again at church tomorrow night. No homework so … Continue reading

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I have been watching a series of programmes that were on BBC4 (I downloaded them from BBCiplayer – still available I suspect). So far I have watched the first two – absolutely fascinating. They explore the people, what makes a … Continue reading

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The cheque for the old mobile phone is now on its way. The system works! So I don’t mind giving them a plug here if you are interested. Possibly, I might have got more for the phone on ebay, but … Continue reading

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Never let it be said that the power of advertising does not work. Over the Christmas period a firm was continually advertising that they bought mobile phones via their website. So I have given it a try. The whole process … Continue reading

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It is nearly my pre-birthday month.

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The Return

It has taken me longer than usual to read The Return by Victoria Hislop. What an incredible read. I almost don’t want to spoil it by spilling any of the beans, as it were.  However, I should mention a couple … Continue reading

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