New jumper

Here is Misty in her new red jumper. She is getting to be quite a diva!

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  1. Ray says:

    Thoughts of a red-coated pooch:

    ‘I do like my new red coat. In fact I LOVE it. Think I’ll put in an order for another one right away and I MIGHT just get it for NEXT season! The old dear knits so SLOWLY! Think I’ll have a go with the pins myself. Could become the very first knitting dog. Would that mean I could get on the telly? I’d like that. Maybe they’d invent a game about me and I could have a Wii space on that enormous screen of theirs! ……What a dog has to do to get some attention round here….I ask you…’s a dog’s life!’

  2. Mina says:


    I’ve seen in all now! I ask you – me a Redcoat? Never!

    I think at last my mum has flipped, imagine dressing me like a Butlin’s attendant! I don’t do sport. Nor do I do dance, disco or functions, in fact I don’t do work.

    I have a nice wardrobe of coats, none of which until now has been red. So why now? Is there an ulterior motive, something planned for me that I have not yet sussed?

    I think I will need to have a word with mum, tell her that I am a fashionista . I don’t wear any clothes that do not carry a designer label. Ok – I know this one was lovingly knitted for me, after all, I was measured often enough and fitted for it. But – again I ask you. Is this really me?

    I have seen a lovely new sheepskin coat being put into my wardrobe, but have I had the chance to wear it? No – I am in this redcoat, and to put it mildly I am not amused, and to be honest a little bit worried. Also I have had a quick look at some catalogues – although these should be dogalogues as they show canine fashions. Anyway, not to split hairs (and I have plenty of those) I think I should be consulted regarding my winter look, I know there are some nice ones with hoods and matching boots.

    I am not a spoiled little madam, I am a high-class dog with feelings. The very thought of being put to work is appalling – I must go right now and have a talk with mum. No – maybe it would be better if I spoke to dad first. I often find I can twist him round my paw quickly! Anyway – I’m off now to rescue myself for this dilemma!

    Miss T Marshall.

  3. Misty says:

    Thanks for the support, Ladies. I have to confess that the jumper was very comfortable and kept me warm even whilst travelling in the car. As to the colour…….well I doubt the Old Dear even thought about Butlins, so I am resting easy. What colour do you think I should nudge her towards next?

  4. Joan says:

    ME a Redcoat?!!!……..not me, I am pure Jacobite…so there!

  5. freda says:

    Misty says that perhaps she needs another red jacket to fulfill her lifestyle!

  6. Joan says:

    How about a blue one with a white cross on it?

  7. freda says:

    How about a compromise? I have got some mixed blue and white yarn.

  8. Terri says:

    Ahhh….you have a CAIRN Terrier! Okay…..same family. Sort of… I see in this close-up photo, she doesn’t have that long snout my Scottie has.
    She is just adorable and I LOVE her red sweater. I just got a new blue one for my Scottie, Duncan. For those chilly mornings here in Florida on our walk.

  9. freda says:

    She is adorable and I fear she knows it! Her own coat is a bit short for this time of year but we have discovered she gets too shaggy unless she is clipped twice a year. Duncan is a great name for a Scottie.

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