The story of the new fridge-freezer is turning into a veritable saga. We ordered it a fortnight ago and were told that delivery would take 5 to 6 weeks. So as you can imagine we were delighted to get a phone call last week to say that delivery would be April 4th ie tomorrow. Their engineers even phoned up to check access and dimensions of doors etc as it is a larger than normal appliance. All week the excitement has been building, I even took a recorded phone message to say that the fridge would be delivered tomorrow and to expect another phone call confirming the time.

Half an hour later I received a call from the Carriers to say that the fridge had been found to be damaged and they would therefore need to re-order from the manufacturer. What a disappointment. And what a suspicious mind I have – for instance if they had to take the doors off for delivery did they damage it themselves? I did try the – if it is only damaged slightly, externally for instance perhaps it would be acceptable – but apparently nothing less than perfection is acceptable to the makers.

It reminded me of a washing machine we had ordered whilst we lived just outside Stornoway, in the Western Isles. We had chosen a machine and it was duly ordered. This was in the days before mail order or internet so we had visited the electrical shop to select one. The retailer told us the shipment of machines was coming on the ferry on a certain day. Unfortunately the day of the ferry crossing arrived and it blew up to near hurricane force. We were not surprised to receive a phone call telling us that our washing machine had been damaged. Fortunately we found out it was only a slight dent in the side casing, so with a discounted price, we ended up very happy. The washing machine worked well for many year.

Back to the fridge – it must be more seriously damaged. And there is nothing to be done. But, Yes, I am disappointed. We will have to institute a treat of some kind in the morning to make up. Not that I need much excuse to go on an outing of some kind.

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  1. LC says:

    One of life’s aggravations. May your treat be exceptional.

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