Christmas Coat



Misty looks as if she is saying – I enjoyed opening the present but I’m not so sure about wearing it!

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  1. Ray Barnes says:

    That must be the most expressive eye in doggy history. Perhaps it’s the colour she’s not sure about?

    “Really mum, this is not my family tartan”!

  2. Lyn says:

    She certainly does look skeptical! But goodness, she is cute!!

  3. Dianne says:

    Misty does look a bit miffed. Dianne

  4. ells says:

    aww poor Misty….Dekwan utterly refuses even so much as a conversation about those dreaded things….COATS. good luck with it

  5. Mina says:

    My New Coat
    (by Miss T Marshall)

    Oh boy, what is mum thinking of dressing me in this coat? I look like a heavy-weight butch DOG which I assure you I am not! OK, I do agree it is a winter garment and probably bought for me in anticipation of another winter like last year – all that snow!

    But somewhere along the line mum has forgotten that I am a little lady dog and pride myself in being a bit of a fashionista! Please mum, go back through my wardrobe and look out some of the pretty coats, after all I do have my pride.

  6. Ananya N'Sta Phing - The Sage says:

    Now all you have to do is get her a Harley-Davidson and the look is complete!

    Tee hee 8~D

  7. Anne says:

    The coat and the dog are both adorable. I have little red coats for my two poodles, but lately they don’t seem to need them so much since their fur has grown out. Misty looks as if she has quite a pelt. Does she need to wear a coat as well?

  8. friko says:

    I can hear her saying ‘what’s this all about, my own coat is perfectly good’.

  9. freda says:

    Actually the coat was chosen more for its cover-up properties than anything else. It fits in a special way so that her chest is well protected. I was preparing for a winter of minus 20 C like last year; instead we are left with damp and dark, so her own coat is OK most of the time.

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