Welcome Bertie

Bertie is a new member of our wider family. He and his companion adult are coming to stay over Christmas. He looks beautiful, let’s hope he and Misty get on.

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10 Responses to Welcome Bertie

  1. Lyn says:

    What a handsome boy! I hope he and Misty find middle ground and that 2-leggers and 4-leggers have a good time together.

  2. Dianne says:

    Oh Beertie looks like a little love. Is he a long-haired dachshund?

  3. freda says:

    He is indeed a long-haired dachsund, Dianne. At the moment he is around 4-5 months and weighs in at 11 kgs, so he is already 3 kgs heavier than Misty.

  4. Suem says:

    I do hope so! I think Bessie would go beserk, she is very territorial:)

  5. Ray Barnes says:

    He’s very beautiful Freda, but he looks thoroughly spoilt. I hope he doesn’t prove to be too much of a Prima Donna or Misty’s little nose might be put out of joint.
    On the other hand they could bond for life and gang up on the humans. Great fun.

  6. Mina says:

    Miss T Marshall’s Musings

    Oh Boy ….Bertie……..

    Hey-hum – is this another dog I have to show that I am top dog in this house. OK, I quite enjoy visitors so long as they know the ropes. My toys, my basket(s), bed(s), my humans and my way of life. He looks a pretty dog but I am a little concerned that as he is very young he may be boisterous, and he is bigger than me. Will he expect me to put up with his jumping around, chasing me and expecting me to play when what I really want to do is curl up on mum or dad’s knee while they are reading or watching television.

    It is a few weeks yet till Christmas so maybe his human will explain to him that I am a mature little lady who likes my own way. Having said that I am looking forward to meeting such a bonny little boy dog and hope to be able to influence him into my ways.

  7. friko says:

    what a big nose on a little dog!

  8. freda says:

    Misty Marshall – listen to Friko. There is no need to feel worried, it will be fun!

  9. He’s adorable. It’s going to be an interesting Christmas!

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