The Holy Goat

Sad to say the order of the awaited Fontanini nativity figures has revealed that the Holy Goat is not coming this year. For some reason there are 2 dogs along with the drummer boy Jareth.

It’s no wonder HBTW is looking so puzzled.

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4 Responses to The Holy Goat

  1. Marcia Mayo says:

    Is that what we mean when we talk about the Father, the Son, and the Holy Goat?

  2. Lyn says:

    Well, put little toothpick horns on the dogs and squint when you look at them. Would that work? ;D

  3. Perhaps you will receive a late visitor? Maybe the goat will arrive on 12th night? You could call him Malvolio.

  4. freda says:

    Absolutely, Marcia, and in true Rowan Atkinson style, as in Four Weddings and a Funeral! I can’t decide whether to write to Dumont, the suppliers or not. The dogs make a fine pair of hunters or guard dogs, don’t you think?

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