Double Bill

Just to be clear, I don’t do horror movies. I get too scared and end up hiding behind a paper, a chair, the dog or anything handy. At least I do usually. I take everything too literally with cinema and have never been very good at telling myself it is just a story and not real.

However, over the last couple of days and to combat the extreme cold and sheer exhaustion that

comes from coping with it, HBTW and I declared a pre-Christmas holiday. There was a double bill on Sky movies about teenagers and vampires. (Twilight and New Moon) HBTW managed to convince me that these were not real horror films – that they were intended for teens; so I was persuaded to have a go.

OK they were quite dark with moody film effects but the story gripped me so much that I voluntarily suggested it would be fun to watch the second instalment of the trilogy. Very good it was too. Believable and entertaining – not funny in any way, but with enough of a tale of romance to keep me entertained.  Mind you, I was furiously busy with doing some basic crochet at the same time. The crocheting got faster and faster as the plot thickened, so that stopped the blood pressure from rising too much.

I have now seen an extended trailer and interviews with the stars outlining the next episode – Twilight Saga, Eclipse. And maybe I will be brave enough to watch that too. So if you are a bit of a coward like me, you might just enjoy this introduction to the genre. There are good vampires and bad ones, good werewolves and bad ones…… and a compelling love story. The young stars bring energy and a growing maturity to the themes, so I suspect the third film will be a bit blacker.

Anyone else seen them?

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4 Responses to Double Bill

  1. LC says:

    Haven’t seen them, but my grown children and nieces and nephew rave about this series of movies. I am like you, even when I have seen a suspenseful film previously. Your racheting up the crocheting speed as suspense built gave me a good laugh for the day. Loved it!

  2. Tabor says:

    No, not seen because I was afraid it was too much of a soap opera. My daughter likes them.

  3. Watch these films? Are you kidding me? I am still traumatized from seeing “The Wizard of Oz.” I only do movies that don’t scare me, although I must admit, “No Country for Old Men” and “The Hurt Locker” are two of my favorites. Okay, I don’t do horror or sci-fi, but I love drama from the Coen brothers.

  4. Sheila says:

    I haven’t seen the movies but loved the books. The young people were talking about them and I had no intention of going there but a kindred reader of my generation told me they were fascinating. She was right. I have always been a bit of a sci-fi/fantasy fan so it wasn’t too much of a stretch. I did not find it “horrible” at all. I am going to rent the movies or watch on TV one of these days!

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