What a difference a day makes

Yesterday was very cold but sunny with it. Misty had not been able to get out for several days so we took the opportunity to go to Loch Etive, a nearby sea loch. The bonus was seeing this heron waiting for fish. His patient stance says a lot about nature. Indeed being in a sub-zero world with the sun shining low made up for the vagaries of the weather over the last week or so. Unfortunately, the snow is back today so there is no going out. That’s why I’m cheering myself up by posting yesterday’s view. You can see the ice in the foreground.

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4 Responses to What a difference a day makes

  1. Lyn says:

    Does Misty consider chasing creatures such as the heron? I’m rather sure mine would!

    Such pretty pictures!

  2. LC says:

    Beautiful but brrrr!

  3. Love the photos, especially the heron. The water looks tasty. I assume you have crystal clear water coming from your faucets?

  4. freda says:

    Misty didn’t seem to notice the heron thankfully. And as for water, it’s pretty good thanks. No need for bottled or filtered water here. The bad news is that the forecasters are predicting a freezing time into the New Year.

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