Being mumpty

How do you have a Day Off when you are retired? Most people who are still working think that retirees have it easy; after all, every day is time off to do what you want. That is true in one sense but not another, because there are always chores to do. For one reason and another (too complex to go into) – I ended up with a kind of mumpty-numpety week, and the only thing to do was to declare some time off.

I stayed away from the computer, stuck my head in a saga about the First World War, hid indoors from the rain, watched a movie and generally kept my head down. Result? Well, today the world looks a better place. The plumber has come to fix a WC cistern that took forever to fill and the washing machine is doing today’s workload for me. As a bonus the plumber had tales to tell of pine martens, woodpeckers, blue jays and kingfishers

Son #1 and his entourage are coming for a camp out tomorrow and things are looking much brighter. What do you like to do with your Day Off?

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6 Responses to Being mumpty

  1. Marcia Mayo says:

    Freda, this is another thing that scares me about retirement. I only enjoy days off when I have had days on, or, as I like to say, I can only appreciate the weekend if I’ve had the week. Anyway, when I get to retirement time, I’m sure I’ll figure all of that out.

  2. Lyn says:

    Oh, Freda! My friends comment that I seem busier now than I was before I retired! I’m actually not sure I’m busier, but I’m certainly doing more things I enjoy. There are times when I have no commitments and the housework is done (or little enough to ignore), and I really enjoy sitting and reading a book all day, watching a good movie, or trekking to the National Wilderness near my home for a nature walk. Occasionally, a friend or two will join me in a shopping trip to a city for some bounty we can’t find here in our rural area. Those are my “days off,” and they feel every bit as good as weekend days off when I was working. In fact, they are better, because when I was working, I had so many responsibilities on the weekend that I often just slid by, unnoticed.

    I have something on the agenda every day until next Friday. I guess I’d better plan a day off!!

  3. freda says:

    Days Off are still much needed in retirement, I think…….. just better not become too much of a habit! On the other hand……. why not?

  4. Tabor says:

    I am great at being a slug. Watching mysteries on TV. Reading bestsellers. Taking a ton of photos. But I do cook and exercise now and again!

  5. Linda Hillin says:

    We all need ‘off’ days. Today is one of those kind of days for me. I’m having an off day after my company and before my eye surgery. I’m spending it knitting and listening to a book.

  6. Graham says:

    What’s a day off?
    I seem to be doing 7 day weeks all the time,what with shopping,looking after grand-kids, mothers-inlaws oh and working as well..sigh can’t tell you the last time I had time to read a book

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