Blackmount Estate

What are the words that Misty loves more than ‘Walkies?’  You’ll never guess. So I shall tell you. It’s “Would you like to go on an Adventure?”  There is a resounding, Yes-woof  followed by a Hurry up-bark, if we are not quick enough to kit up. Today the weather was fine so we decided on a walk up at Blackmount, Loch Tulla and then a relaxing coffee in the campervan.

The River Orchy can just about be seen from the Homestead at Dalamory, but below is a view from the early reaches up in the hills between Blackmount and Glen Etive.

The Estate have created a fish dam in these upper reaches, presumably there are salmon and trout. Couldn’t see any though.

Misty is back in her favourite position….

And I enjoyed my coffee with the best view in the house (campervan I mean.)

Most dramatic part of the day: – The far hills of Blackmount itself
Most Intriguing: – Fishponds
Most entertaining: – Botanists bending down taking photos of different kinds of mosses; or were they biologists looking for beetles?

Glorious afternoon and much appreciated by all the inhabitants of Dalamory. Brings a lift to the spirit and a thankful awareness of the whole of creation.

I guess the exercise was good too! But as for the whole 95 miles of the West Highland Way – perhaps not this year.

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  1. Suem says:

    The photos are lovely, and so is Misty! She is a lucky dog to have walkies in such a beautiful part of the world.

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