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Paperclog day, washing day, and day to get to grips with the pile of stuff from the Open University. It is an accredited short course on creative writing. Accreditation means that a successful pass mark gives 10 credits towards an undergraduate degree. 10 points out of 300 (360 for an honours degree) – quite a long way to go. Come to think of it, a long way to go to pass the module itself. Funny how one can get out of the habit of studying, and this one means learning new skills on the computer to do conferencing and social networking.

Just as well that a friend is undertaking the same unit. We can encourage one another and help with fathoming out any jargon.

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3 Responses to OU Course

  1. chris says:

    What kind of stuff do you have to do to merit the pass mark? Can you gain extra credits by doing really splendidly? (professional interest piqued here)…

  2. freda says:

    There are two assignments (worth 30% and 70% of the pass mark.) At least that is how I read it. The course modules cover the usual things in fiction writing, plus some study of style and methods in well-known authors. Things like building character, setting, genre and plot,narrative and time. Sounds challenging enough to be interesting. To be honest the more I dip in the more I realise I had better get a move on.

  3. chris says:

    That’s the hard bit!


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