Meditation at autumn

Once upon an autumntide
long enough to grow…… into a yearly memory
a gift, a scene, a story….
Pictures you can view through the windows of your mind..

The trees all dressed in colours
and leaves upon the earth…..the colours bright,
and sharp and clear, sweet and muddy smells.
Cool lemon, hot red, sharp green and flaming orange,
glistening on the ground and rustling on the branch.

Houses wreathed in trails of mist,
gardens censed with peat or wood,
and from the clear, cool air above
a dog bark magnified and caught
upon the currents of nearly winter.

And every time you smell the smoke
or catch the cold upon your breath
whenever leaves dance before your eyes,
or when you hear a sound in silence…..
you know.

It is autumn.
A gift of time to remember
– to rest
– to grow
– to become your promised whole.


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