A good laugh

Now who would have thought that a routine visit to the nurse for vaccinations would yield such enjoyment? Himself and I presented ourselves to the surgery and were duly processed by the practice nurse. She introduced J, This is J, a fourth year on placement with us at present. There was some banter about J being inexperienced in dealing with the needles, but she performed perfectly. I innocently asked if she got taught this at school, and continued to dig a hole for myself by enquiring if she wanted to be a nurse or study medicine. The puzzled looks turned to laughter when she gently put us right – she was indeed a fourth year……but a fourth year medical student. I could only apologise and explain that she really did look way too young.

I suppose it could just have been the-police-officers-are-getting-younger scenario. Him Behind the Wheel had twigged slightly before me and relished seeing me make things worse and then have to squirm. The noise was so great that the whole staff heard the ruckus. I would love to have heard what was said of us afterwards. They are a nice, old, slightly doddery old pair really?

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2 Responses to A good laugh

  1. Rev Ruth says:

    I had a dentist once who looked about 14. She told me she was leaving but not to worry, her little sister was coming to take her place. That’s when I knew I was getting old.

  2. freda says:

    It seems that one is only as old as the person probing the mouth or taking the blood pressure. And it gets worse year by year.

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