Status quo

There is a Bible story where Peter’s mother in law is ill with a fever. Jesus heals her, and she gets up and waits table for the apostles. The sore throat I have been suffering from for the last few days is at the “Thank goodness I am going to get better” stage. But I am quite happy not to wait tables. Healing is an emotive subject in the church; I tend towards the view that wholeness is the true gift, that means an acceptance and embracing of life and an enhancement of spirituality and the sense of being loved by God. I have little time for so called Healers who insist that someone is not healed of a serious disease because of sin in their lives. Yet I feel it is right to continue to pray for those who are sick.

So perhaps my thought for today is to remember my friends and loved ones who need support in times of illness and difficulty. That is a manageable thought and a manageable prayer. And saves the overwhelming sorrow that comes from becoming swamped and bogged down by all that is wrong in the world.

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