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Sounds of the moment

There are several songs of the moment: the cheeriest is the theme tune from New Tricks Great TV reruns too. You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

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Film of the week

Managed to watch a film during the week, despite all the tennis. It deserves a thumbs up. A good year with Russel Crowe and director Ridley Scott. One of these films that leaves a warm and fuzzy feeling but without … Continue reading

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Wildlife watch

As well as the deer there has been an array of birds, fledglings and parents. The sparrow hawk has been absent I am glad to say, especially as favourite visitors of the moment are a woodpecker parent (Mrs I think) … Continue reading

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Double trouble

Two stags for Misty to be concerned about last night! Thankfully, she was indoors which meant she could be brave without actually having to do anything more than posture and growl. This is getting to be a nightly habit. Oh … Continue reading

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Work and pleasure

Work and pleasure are strange concepts when one is retired. Today I am having a meeting to do with a forthcoming marriage at which I have agreed to officiate. It is back in my last parish, which is a first … Continue reading

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Confession is good for the soul

OK – I confess it: I have been watching Wimbledon. Ideal conditions, drizzle here in Dalamory and fair down south. Nice to see Andy Murray win his first round match in three sets, but I still feel like shaking him. … Continue reading

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Picture of peace

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A Jewish parable

Wisdom indeed – A young woman once said to an old woman, “What is life’s heaviest burden?” The old woman answered, “to have nothing to carry.”

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You must be joking!

I am not joking in actual fact. There was another fire – this time Him Behind the Wheel set the microwave on fire trying to crisp up pork crackling. And no, I have not yet got around to buying the … Continue reading

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Majestic intruder

Letting Misty out at night can be quite an entertainment. Last night I opened the door and our 7 and a half kilo cairn came face to face with a full grown red stag – magnificent set of antlers as … Continue reading

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