Dental update

Interestingly, my fill-in dentist was a very nice young woman from Poland. She only asked questions while she was looking me in the face and offered an alternative to an extensive drilling and refilling procedure. It was a concentrated fluoride solution painted onto and around the tooth in the hopes that it would continue to settle down. There were no signs of major trouble externally and it may be that this will be sufficient. If the problem recurs then a filling is the only option. The problem is that there is so little tooth left that I am not confident of success.

Oh the trials and tribulations of having grown up during and after the Second World War!

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2 Responses to Dental update

  1. Mina says:

    Are you not the lucky one! My cheery, chatty, Scottish hostpital dentist lass, who talks all the time, has still not resolved my problem. The joys of keeping one’s teeth into old(er) age, the previous generation had them all removed by the age 60!

  2. freda says:

    Yes, I can remember my mother lying on the sofa after a morning at the dentist – she used to boast she could eat apples and chewing gum with her false champers.

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