A semi-urgent visit to the dentist is on the agenda for this afternoon. A couple of my teeth are a bit fragile and one of them seems to be more fragile than is good for it. Unfortunately my own dentist is on holiday so I am having to brave one of the others in the practice. It is the case that we often get used to a particular individual and even place our confidence in them. I say “even” because like many another I am wary of having dental work done. There is something so helpless about being unable to answer questions other than with an “Arrrrgh!” (Why on earth do they insist on asking them anyway when one’s mouth is stuffed up with cotton wool and instruments?)

So – that is my day. Hope yours is better!
Of course the way things are in this country right now I should be grateful to have a dentist, even if it is a private clinic rather than NHS>

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