Weekend Duty

Have been spending a weekend on children duty, (don’t tell them, they think they are on grandparent duty) – whilst the parents have been away on a celebratory weekend in London. There have been lots of laughs and hardly any lows, except for the exhaution quotient. Yesterday we had a trip to Edinburgh Zoo in a thunderstorm. I came away wondering who was in the zoo, us or the animals. Despite obvious improvements I still feel ambiguous about zoos per se. I know there is an argument about conservation and study…..but I keep thinking of Happy Feet, though the highlight for me was the keeper feeding some baby rock-hopper penguins.

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2 Responses to Weekend Duty

  1. Lydia says:

    I love the penguins in the zoo at Portland, Oregon.
    One of my earliest memories is of my grandmother taking my sis and me to the Oakland, Calif., zoo. They were feeding the tigers huge chunks of meat and the animals’ roaring was so loud in the (horrible by today’s standards) concrete cave where their cages were. I started to cry, but my sister was enjoying the scene. My grandmother left my sis with other family and walked out of the dark cold cave out into the sun with me, holding my hand and agreeing that they seemed sad and angry.
    Thanks for stirring up this memory of her on Mother’s Day with you post!

  2. freda says:

    I had forgotten that you have Mother’s Day later in the year than we do. The trip to the zoo has certainly provided memory fodder for three of our grandchildren.

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