Great excitement today. Son #1 and entourage (that means Mrs #1 plus three little #1’s) are coming to visit. Our house is a bit small, so the visitors will be camping in the campervan overnight. It takes me back to my own childhood when anything out of the ordinary was a great adventure. Misty is thrilled, but Fox is considering moving into the garage for the duration….at eleven years old he is getting past too much change.

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3 Responses to Excitement

  1. Tony says:

    If big bruv`s kids are little No. #1’s does that make my two both No #2’s!!



  2. Freda says:

    Ah… I never thought that one through!

  3. Stephen says:


    As both of yours are older and bigger I think that makes them large No #2’s!!

    What’s she like! Take Care while you are away and I’ll give you a ring when you get back.


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