Today is Son #3’s Birthday Party at the Tigh n’ Truish Inn on Seil. That means trying to throw darts and hit the board. It was rather embarrassing last year when the only way to bring my match to a conclusion was to make the winner the one who got nearest to the bull. Neither of us could get the needed double one to finish.

Talking of birthdays, I have received some very imaginative gifts this year, including new PC (well that is for many birthdays hence!) some new music to help keep me up to date, an apple tree to hopefully watch grow over the years, and a visit for a half-day’s falconry. The last one is on my list of Things to Do  (Before I Die)……. so it set me off with some editing on that page.  It is amazing how things change in a few years. It first started out to be a reflection based on becoming sixty.  I am still well aware that we would do well to live as if each day is our last so that we can make the most of it, but that is not always easy. For today, though, I am content to bask in the spring, my time of year.

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