Elizabeth David

Watched a TV film on the life of Elizabeth David last night. The cookery bits enthralled me, and her style of writing, not only made me want to cook good food, but also made me want to read her books. I must admit I had to overcome an aversion to the constant spectacle of her and various lovers smoking…..often around the preparation and eating of meals.

I guess she is well known to people who have trained as chefs nowadays, but the interesting thing is that she inspired a whole nation to try a completely new way of cooking in the years after World War II. A bit sad to think that chefs are still trying to entice people to cook good food, though today it is in response to the plethora of ready-made meals. 

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2 Responses to Elizabeth David

  1. garfer says:

    Everyone smoked in those days. It’s a wonder their jaded tastebuds could taste anything.

  2. Freda says:

    Dear garfer, It’s a wonder anybody could see to eat as well.

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