You can’t miss Christmas

Perth was good value yesterday – apart from the nativity set at ?275…… It is from Italy and the salesperson told me this as if to explain what seemed the very high price. Coming from the wilds of Dalamory I was somewhat taken aback to see the shopping centre festooned with decorations and lights. And we were all being assailed with a noise from Debenham's which announced their Extravaganza…. they were even staying open until midnight for 2 days.

I let the crowd take me into the store and then tried hard not to trip over everything. Didn't buy anything from the Christmas Displays, but bought an Elderperson's wrap….. to festoon myself with whilst I fall asleep over the Christmas Catalogues. So you can't miss Christmas – but the stress can be minimised with mail order and the internet. Hope it is not too late!

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